SACRED BLOOD  were founded originally under the band name SACRED, at December 2003 from Polydeykis (guitars, keyboards, soprano recorder). The band quickly joined Aiantas (guitars) and Tasos ( drums ) and a vocalist was found too, Nikos.  Polydeykis and Nikos enter the studio with the absence of Tasos, who could not make it for the recordings, due to job difficulties.

With this line-up they record their first self financed demo cd titled “Clash of The Titans” in the home studio of the drummer of the Hellenic speed/power heavy metal band “CRYSTAL TEARS”, Chrisafis Tantanozis. The demo included four tracks in the music direction of heavy/power/epic metal and got some very encouraging reviews from the underground  heavy metal scene. The band played also in 3 metal gigs that took place in North Hellas (Komotini, Alexandroupolis), which is where they originally come from.  While the band’s name was still SACRED, a third guitarplayer joined the band, and was found at the name of Manos Moutaftsis (now at Dragon’s Lair), an old friend and metal brother. In the same time, a friend and brother from Komotini, Sakis Karapanos, offered to sing in the band’s second appearance in Komotini, in Valhalla metal club, covering the place of the singer Nikos, who was having serious family matters at the time..

After the release of the demo, the band moved permanently to Athens, and continued its activity there but the vocalist Nikos got married and could not keep up with the schedule of the band. The drummer of the band, Tasos, also left for personal reasons. The band was searching for a singer and audiotioned some singers as well, when o­ne day Polydeykis (guitars, keyboards) received a phonecall from the current singer and basic member of the band, Iason (John Georgopoylos ex Airged L’amh), and from then o­n Iason became a full time and basic member of the band. The band also joined as a session drum player the well know drummer George Karahalios (Ex Spitfire, Snowblind, etc) to help with the recordings of the album.The band  started working o­n some ideas that existed from long ago, and along with some new o­nes, they composed 10 tracks that musically they are heavy / power / epic metal with some folk elements from the Hellenic and Celtic music heritage and lyrically they refer to the BATTLE OF THERMOPYLAE and the heroic sacrifice of 300 Spartan and 700 Thespian warriors, against 1.000.000 Persians, in an effort to remain free. On Novermber 2005 Jim ” The Animal” Stamatis joins the band as permanent drummer offering his furious drum playing to the SACRED BLOOD sound.

Their debut cd THE BATTLE OF THERMOPYLAE:THE CHRONICLE IS RELEASED in 2008 gaining amazing reviews. Now the band is working o­n its successor, a concept album about the deeds and lore o­n Alexander the Great.


from left to right:
Polydeykis (rythm and lead guitars, accoustic and 12 string
classic guitars, keyboards, grand piano, soprano recorder), Epeios Focaeus (vocals),    Jim “The Animal” (drums).

Previous bands that the members of  SACRED BLOOD participated in:

Polydeykis :
ATHLOS (still active in band)
ZION (side project, still active in band)
MORPHEUS 1999-2001 (founder member )
METALLY INSANE project 2004
Jim “The Animal” :
DARK FORCES 1994-1997 (founder member)
AMBROSIA 1997-1999
HEADWORN 2001-2005
IRON WHAT? (IRON MAIDEN TRIBUTE BAND) 2004-Still active in band


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